March 4, 2018
By Kaatee Bailey                                                                                By Kaatee Bailey

The Truth About The Gaza Terror March

In the disguise of a peaceful demonstration, about 20,000 Palestinians did a terror march to the Gaza security fence bordering with Israel Friday March 30th. Hamas continues to use the tradition of using innocent civilian women and children as tools of terror including a 7 year old girl who was forced to cross the border into Israel. Thankfully, the IDF soldiers identified her and returned her back to Gaza without harm. Fifteen Palestinian men were killed by Israeli fire on the first day.
Turkey’s leader Erdogan accuses Israel of committing war crimes against the Palestinians. Acting on behalf of the Palestinians, Kuwait condemned Israel and submitted a Security Council draft that demanded an “independent and transparent investigation” into the Palestinian deaths. Much of the Arab world joined this chorus of false accusations and continues to slam Israel for defending itself and its borders. As a result, the U.N. has called an emergency meeting to address the situation.
Palestinian Authority spokesman Yusef al-Mahmoud made a statement to the UN Security Council describing the incident as a “horrific massacre committed by the Israeli occupation army against our our defenseless people”. Apparently, he was unaware that numerous videos circulating on the Internet show the Palestinian mobs violently provoking the Israeli soldiers with guns and the throwing of rocks, Molotov Cocktails, fire bombs and burning tires that attempted to harm or destroy Israel’s border fence infrastructure. Several Palestinians were caught planting bombs along the security fence as well.  It is believed that these demonstrations will last until May 15th during Israel’s 70th anniversary and the moving of the US Embassy.
Obligated to defend and protect the citizens of Israel, the IDF soldiers precisely targeted specific terrorists that attempted to carry out these acts of terror. At least 10 of the 15 killed at Gaza border were members of terror groups. The Israeli military on Saturday night identified 10 of the 15 reported killed as members of Palestinian terrorist groups, and published pictures, a list of their names and positions in the organizations.
Hamas and Abbas are dedicated to the destruction of the entire State of Israel and the best way of achieving that goal at present is by breaching Israel’s southern borders and flooding the Jewish state with millions of Palestinian “refugees.” They both agree the final status of the peace agreement requires Israel to open its gates to these millions of new Arab inhabitants. It is a demand that no Israeli government, right- or left-wing, can ever accept.
This propaganda campaign is far from the truth and a classic example of deadly Palestinian propaganda. Arab leaders attempted to paint the confrontation as a “peaceful demonstration” during which Israeli troops opened fire unprovoked. Contrary to a peaceful campaign, it was a terror march to delegitimize Israel. We should not let their lies convince us otherwise. In defense of Israel, the Hawaii-Israel Alignment seeks to uncover the truth about the Gaza-Israel conflict.


VIAHamas' Great March of Return
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As Co-founder of the Hawaii-Israel Alignment, Kaatee keeps an active momentum of support for Israel on the Islands, and also serves as an associate pastor at a Hawaiian congregation on Maui called ‘In His House of Restoration’ under the leadership of Pastor’s John and Mariam Demello. Kaatee has served as a fulltime missionary in Latin America for thirteen years, and three years in Samoa and other South Pacific Islands on the Morning Star sailing vessel. She is the author of two books, ‘Israel’s Biblical Rights to the Land’ and ‘God’s Judgment on the Nations’. Kaatee’s discovery of her Jewish bloodline in 2008 changed her life and direction in ministry toward Israel and the Jewish people. Her passion and life are dedicated to this cause.


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