The Hawaii House Embassy


Since the monumental move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem in 2018, increased tensions have escalated on the Jewish State making Jerusalem center stage of a global conflict. Israel’s historic ties to Jerusalem date back more than 3,000 years and cannot be rewritten by international institutions. The title deed is found in 2 Samuel 24:21-25 where King David purchased the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which was previously the threshing floor of Araunah. Numerous archaeological excavations have established undeniable physical and historical ties between the Jewish people and Jerusalem. Like any other nation, Israel has the right to choose its capital.

In defense of Jerusalem, Hawaii will establish a NGO Hawaii House Embassy in Jerusalem which will set a precedent for other states in America to follow. The last and 50th state admitted to the Union will make history by becoming the first American State to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided and eternal capital. Establishing a Hawaii presence in Jerusalem will establish a permanent connection in the Hawaii-Israel relationship which began in 1893 when Queen Lili’uokalani appointed Paul Newman, the first Jewish diplomat into the Hawaiian Kingdom. After the overthrow, he became her personal attorney and pleaded on behalf of the restoration of the monarchy. This courageous act has contributed to the protection and the political life of our Islands. Indebted by his support, Hawaii will continue their long history of friendship and remain to be a support in Israel’s communal affairs.

This historical relationship between Hawaii and Israel was once again reinforced when the Hawaii-Israel Alignment Declaration was signed by 16 signatures from the Hawaii Senate in 2014. They committed to stand in solidarity with the State of Israel and deepen their relationship of Aloha. A Hawaii House Embassy in Jerusalem will be the crown jewel of the Hawaii-Israel relationship!

Though Hawaii is a small but significant dot in the Pacific Ocean, we will join the choir of nations defending Jerusalem and fulfill the words of the Prophet Isaiah. “For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet… Isaiah 62:1

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As Co-founder of the Hawaii-Israel Alignment, Kaatee keeps an active momentum of support for Israel on the Islands, and also serves as an associate pastor at a Hawaiian congregation on Maui called ‘In His House of Restoration’ under the leadership of Pastor’s John and Mariam Demello. Kaatee has served as a fulltime missionary in Latin America for thirteen years, and three years in Samoa and other South Pacific Islands on the Morning Star sailing vessel. She is the author of two books, ‘Israel’s Biblical Rights to the Land’ and ‘God’s Judgment on the Nations’. Kaatee’s discovery of her Jewish bloodline in 2008 changed her life and direction in ministry toward Israel and the Jewish people. Her passion and life are dedicated to this cause.


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